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Effect of Supplementing Mixture of Benzene Amino purine (BAP) and Kinetin (KN) Along with Auxin 2,4 D On Growth Of Callus In Murashige And Skoog Medium Derived From Embryonic Cotyledon Explants of Withania Somnifera L


Naveen Gaurav , Assistant Professor Department of Biotechnology, S G R R P G College Dehradun, U.K.; A. P. Singh, Assistant Professor Department of Biotechnology, S G R R P G College Dehradun, U.K.; Arun Kumar, Professor, Department of Botany Govt. P.G. Science College, Rewa, M.P.; Aviral Maithani , M.Sc Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology , SGRRPG College Dehradun, U.K.; Aditi Grover, M.Sc Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology , SGRRPG College Dehradun, U.K.


Winter cherry, perennial plant, Indian ginseng, medicine, therapeutic uses, herbal tonic, micropropagation etc


Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal (Family: Solanaceae, commonly known as Ashwagandha, English name: Winter cherry) is an important perennial plant species with immense therapeutic uses in traditional as well as modern system of medicine (Datta 2010). Plants products can be obtained from the roots, leaves, and branches, by using many different biological techniques.One of the most important technique is plant tissue culture through which large number of plants can produced from a very short time and very small area with high quality. It can be easily possible by the use of plant growth regulators. Micropropagation by using cotyledonary leaves, meristem and the shoot culture is a best technique for the production of large numbers of identical or being same individuals. The formation of the right or exact copies of plants that mainly produce the good flowers, fruits, or have other desirable traits, to rapidly produce mature plants (Garg,, 2011). Ashwagandha having effective property can also used in blends and supplements which are designed to show many multiple effects. It is described as an herbal tonic and health food in Vedas and considered as ‘Indian Ginseng’ in traditional Indian system of medicine (Singh, 2001).

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :J4RV1I12001
Published in :Volume : 1, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/03/2016
Page(s): 7-11
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