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Four Quadrant Speed Control of DC Motor using AT89S52 Microcontroller


Vikash Kumar , BIT SINDRI; Rekha Jha, BIT SINDRI


DC motor, AT89S52 Microcontroller, Motor Driver (L293D), Voltage Regulator (LM7805), Push Buttons, PWM.


Speed control of a machine is the most vital and important part in any industrial organization. This paper is designed to develop a four quadrant speed control system for a DC motor using microcontroller. The motor is operated in four quadrants i.e. clockwise, counter clock-wise, forward brake and reverse brake. It also has a feature of speed control. The four quadrant operation of the dc motor is best suited for industries where motors are used and as per requirement they can rotate in clockwise, counter-clockwise and also apply brakes immediately in both the directions. In case of a specific operation in industrial environment, the motor needs to be stopped immediately. In such scenario, this proposed system is very apt as forward brake and reverse brake are its integral features. Instantaneous brake in both the directions happens as a result of applying a reverse voltage across the running motor for a brief period and the speed control of the motor can be achieved with the PWM pulses generated by the microcontroller. The microcontroller used in this project is from 8051 family. Push buttons are provided for the operation of the motor which are interfaced to the microcontroller that provides an input signal to it and controls the speed of the motor through a motor driver IC. The speed and direction of DC motor has been observed on digital CRO. Microcontroller programming has been written in assembly language by using notepad and it has been converted in hex file by using micro vision Kiel. The burning of programming in the 8051 microcontroller chip has been done by using positron boot loader software.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :J4RV1I8012
Published in :Volume : 1, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 01/11/2015
Page(s): 11-19
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