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Performance of MVDC and MVAC Offshore Wind Farm Distribution System


JENISH G PATEL , LDRP-ITR, KSV University; Dr. Sanjay Vyas, LDRP-ITR


Wind Energy, PMSG, MVAC, MVDC, Wind Farm Distribution System, Direct Load Flow Algorithm


Offshore wind farms are becoming more popular because of advantages such as availability of higher and uniform wind speeds, availability of the large sea area and proximity to major load centers. Two types of wind turbine systems for wind power generation exist. Mainly DFIG (30% speed variation) and PMSG (100 % speed variation) generators are used in wind farms. To evaluate any power system network, load flow analysis is necessary. But traditional load flow methods such as the GS and NR-techniques fail to meet the requirements in both performance and robustness aspects of radial connected wind farm distribution systems. Therefore in this work, the direct approach algorithm is used for wind farms in which generators are modelled as PQ bus and transmission line modelled using π model in the algorithm. Basically two types of configuration are possible Medium Voltage AC (MVAC) and Medium Voltage DC (MVDC) offshore WFDS. Due to lower losses in MVDC offshore WFDS, a today lot of research is going on to design MVDC offshore WFDS. The results are presented for both MVAC and MVDC based offshore wind farm distribution system using MATLAB programming. Finally, a performance comparison has been made between the MVAC and MVDC based offshore Wind Farm Distribution System (WFDS).

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :J4RV2I12023
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/03/2017
Page(s): 35-38
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