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Study of Strength Properties of Polyester Fibre Reinforced Concrete


U Bhavitha , Lords institute of engineering and technology; U Bhavitha , Lords institute of engineering and technology; Mohammed Safiuddin, Lords institute of engineering and technology; Syed Mohsin, Lords institute of engineering and technology


PC, Polyster Fibre Reinforced Concrete


Fiber Reinforced Concrete" is relatively a new construction material developed through extensive research and development work during the last two decades. Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is defined as composite material which consists of conventional concrete reinforced by randomly dispersed short length fibers of specific geometry, made of steel, synthetic (polymeric) or natural fibers. Plain cement concrete has very low tensile strength and causes formation of micro cracks in stressed and unstressed states of concrete. Also, it has a low strain at fracture and brittleness with less ductility especially in case of High Performance Concrete. Fiber Reinforced Concrete is the answer to modify these properties of Plain Concrete. The recent development of Secondary reinforcement in Concrete in various fields has provided a strong technical base for improving the quality of the material. To overcome the deficiencies fibers are used as secondary reinforcement. FRC is Portland cement concrete reinforced with more or less randomly distributed fibers. The choice of fibers varies from synthetic organic materials such as polypropylene or carbon, synthetic inorganic such as steel or polyster, natural organic such as cellulose or sisal to natural inorganic asbestos. The interaction between the fiber and concrete matrix is the fundamental property that affects the performance of a cement based fiber composite materials. An understanding of this interaction is needed for forecasting the fiber contribution and for predicting the behavior of such composites. In present investigation concrete with addition of polyester fiber Recron 3s at various at dosages of 0.25%, 0.50%, 0.75% and 1.00% by weight of cement in the mix design is studied to find the optimum dosage of Polyster fiber for concrete.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :J4RV2I8013
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 01/11/2016
Page(s): 12-16
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