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A Study of Performance of Solar Still with Stearic Acid as PCM


Mauli K. Dube , NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering; Akshay T. Dhalpe, NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering; Gaurav N. Devkate, NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering; Mayur D. Kadam, NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering


Stearic Acid, Phase Change Material, Desalination, Degradation, Sustainable, Minerals, Stepped, Pyramidal


This paper investigates the performance of stepped solar still for stearic acid used as a phase change material. The conventional techniques used for desalination consume large amount of input energy. This energy mostly comes from fossil fuels that causes environmental degradation. So there is need to replace conventional sources by sustainable energy sources like solar energy being the important member. Over the years desalination technique has got worldwide acceptance as a prime method for production of fresh and clean water. The process of desalination is used to remove high salt contents, organisms, minerals from water source. The input energy is consumed for separation of salt and water in desalination process. Use of phase change material is an important technique for improving the performance of solar still. Stepped solar still with pyramidal glass cover and a method of improving yield using phase change material as stearic acid is discussed here.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :J4RV3I3004
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 01/06/2017
Page(s): 5-8
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