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Study of Separation of Pigments in Paints for Development of Multicolor Paint


Pooja Shuddhodhan Pande , C.O.E.T. Akola; Prof: S. V. Khedkar, C.O.E.T. Akola; Dr. P. V. Thorat, C.O.E.T. Akola; Rajeev P. Gopalani, Bello Paints Pvt. ltd.


Multicolor Paint, Granite, Water Based Paint


The multicolor paint is a full waterborne product, has low Voc, is environmental friendly and solvent free and is an ideal substitute for marble, granite; and the full waterborne granite multicolor painting has good elasticity and can cover small cracks of a wall body. A multicolor Paint can be formed by optionally mixing two or more color spot color lumps and then spraying the mixture at a time. The multicolor Paint can imitate and decorate textures of various real granites and is natural and vivid. The production process is simple, does not need dispersion at a high speed and only needs uniform stirring. The product has the texture of natural marble, good weather resistance and water resistance, does not fade and age, has a strong adhesive force, contamination resistance, convenient construction, high hardness of film and scratch resistance, and is applied to surface coating of indoor and outdoor brick walls, concrete and cement walls and the like. The present paper relates to a coating, in particular to protect the surface for a building facade and apparatus Decorated with imitation granite, marble effect paint, it belongs to the field of chemical technology coatings. Water in liquid hydrocarbon multicolored paint composition is provided having a disperse phase and continuous phase. The disperse phase preferably is comprised of water soluble, film forming, crosslink able, carboxylated polymer; cross linking agent; hydroxy (lower alkyl) cellulose; Cationic quaternized water soluble cellulose ether; Peptized clay and water. The continuous phase preferably is a hydrocarbon composition containing film forming polymer, wax and thickener. Methods for preparing the paint are also provided.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :J4RV3I4008
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 4
Publication Date: 01/07/2017
Page(s): 9-13
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