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Review of Waste Heat Recovery from Household Refrigerator


Mr. Avesahemad Sayyadnaimutulla Husainy , SHARAD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,YADRAV; Mr. Akshay Patil, Sharad Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, Yadrav; Mr.Shrenik Suganawar, Sharad Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, Yadrav; Mr. Prathemesh Sannake, Sharad Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, Yadrav; Mr. Shital Surywanshi, Sharad Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, Yadrav


Energy Crises, Refrigeration, Waste Heat Recovery, COP


Today's world is vigorously leading towards energy crises and increasing global warming. As we are familiar with the concept that in any system rather it may be mechanical or chemical or thermal heat is evolved differently from the source in the form of waste heat and usually dumped to the environment. Focusing on our topic refrigeration has become essential equipment rather than a luxurious item. According a study it is found that about 15% of world’s electricity is being utilized by refrigeration and air conditioners. Due to having a tremendous amount COP in vapour compression refrigeration it has found a large application in domestic and industrial area. The paper mainly concentrates on reusing the waste heat produced by the condenser and utilize the same for certain application like food drying or keeping the food warm and simultaneously increasing the C.O.P effectively. This method is technically feasible and economically viable. This is one of the most convenient saving energy and balancing the demand and supply of electricity without spending any additional energy. .

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :J4RV3I8006
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 01/11/2017
Page(s): 6-8
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